Airstrikes on Gaza
Mexico and Chile call on International Criminal Court to investigate crimes in Gaza

Mexico and Chile have joined South Africa, Bolivia, Djibouti, Bangladesh, and the Comoros in calling on the ICC to investigate Israel for its crimes in Gaza, including war crimes and genocide.

International pressure increases on Israel as it continues committing genocide in Gaza

South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel has received widespread support as it faces increased criticism for its genocidal war on Gaza

Khalida Jarrar arrested in West Bank as Israel continues its genocidal war on Gaza

The death toll in Gaza has crossed 21,000 and the number of wounded has also risen to a staggering 55,000 as Israeli airstrikes and ground assaults continue across the besieged Palestinian territory

South African parliament votes to close Israeli embassy

The South African National Assembly voted to close down the Israeli embassy until a ceasefire is declared and Israel commits to binding UN-facilitated negotiations. Addressing the BRICS Summit on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa said Israel’s actions in Gaza were “tantamount to genocide”

Cómo la guerra contra Gaza ha paralizado el Corredor Económico India-Oriente Medio-Europa

La guerra de Israel contra los palestinos en Gaza ha cambiado toda la ecuación y ha paralizado el corredor económico India-Oriente Medio-Europa. Ahora es inconcebible que Arabia Saudita y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos inicien un proyecto de este tipo con los israelíes.

Millions on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia for Palestine

This past weekend saw massive actions of solidarity with Palestine, one of the largest was in Jakarta, Indonesia

The people of the world declare: “Palestine will be free!”

November 4 marked an International Day of Solidarity with Palestine as people took to the streets in over 300 cities across the world to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and to stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation.

Israeli assault on Gaza continues

While the world cries out in horror, Israel has doubled down on its bombing campaign and violent rhetoric against Palestinian people

UNSC rejects resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The resolution was rejected by the US and its European allies strongly backing Israeli siege on Gaza which has killed over 2,800 Palestinians in 11 days

“Si Palestina está ocupada, no hay paz en el mundo”

La situación actual en Palestina fue tema central en la apertura de la III Conferencia Internacional Dilemas de la Humanidad en Johannesburgo

“If Palestine is occupied, there is no peace in the world”

The current situation in Palestine was central to the opening panel of the III International Conference Dilemmas of Humanity in Johannesburg.

El salvajismo de la guerra contra el pueblo palestino

La violencia brutal y puntual de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza durante la última década viola todas las convenciones internacionales sobre guerra y derechos humanos.