Ali Ruckert
Luxembourg Protests Working class groups protest layoffs by ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg

The steel corporation ArcelorMittal announced that it would lay off up to 570 employees. The company is citing COVID-19 but critics say ‘redundancies’ were planned much before

Covid-19 Luxembourg Progressive forces in Luxembourg demand pro-worker policies to fight COVID-19

The Communist Party of Luxembourg has called for a moratorium on repayment of loans during the crisis period and the freezing of the housing rents by law

luxemborg Communists in Luxembourg protest closure of bank branches

The state-owned Spuerkeess Bank (BCEE), one of the leading commercial banks in Luxembourg, had announced the closure of 11of its 65 branches recently

US-Luxembourg Relations Luxembourg Communists slam deals with NATO and the US

Two Luxembourg ministers were on a visit to the US last week to strengthen the defense relationship between the two countries. They also signed two agreements on space cooperation