American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
2 months of coal workers’ strike in the US

Mine workers in Alabama have been on strike for over 2 months to demand decent working conditions from Warrior Met, the largest producer of metallurgical coal in the US

Coal workers strike at Warrior Met reach third month

Despite hostilities and difficulties faced by the Warrior Met Coal, nearly 1,100 workers in Alabama’s largest metallurgical coal producer have continued their strike for a fair contract to compensate for the sacrifices they made to keep the bankrupt company afloat

US House of Representatives passes bill to protect labor union rights

The law seeks to penalize companies for violating federal labor board guidelines and if enacted will override state-level anti-union laws called “right-to-work” legislation

Trump suspends long-term immigration for 60 days to “protect American workers”

The move comes in as the US is faced with a major unemployment crisis, and even as the Trump administration is pushing for an early lifting of pandemic-related restrictions.

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