Anti-war Protests
Daily Round-up Anti-war demonstrations held to reject US warmongering, militarism & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of an anti-war mobilization in the US, negotiations on the transitional government in Sudan, a planned strike by Palestinian prisoners, and a march in Mexico on the anniversary of the nationalization of oil resources

Daily Round-up | One Palestinian dead, hundreds injured in Israeli settlers’ attack & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of a Palestinian being killed in attacks by settlers, thousands taking part in anti-war protests in Italy, Tunisians condemning the statement of their President on migrants, and Cuba and the UN welcoming developments in Colombia’s peace talks

Anti-war campaign - Austria Leftist youth groups in Austria launch Youth Against War campaign 

The campaign group has urged the Austrian government to divest from defense upgrades and instead invest in public transport, housing and health

Anti-NATO Protest - Finland 1 Progressives continue to protest Finnish bid for NATO membership 

Protests are also ongoing in various other parts of Europe, including in Italy, Greece, Norway and Czech Republic, against new military deals

The Gunner’s Dream Lives On: Roger Waters on war, corporate greed and finding hope

Musician Roger Waters and Vijay Prashad discuss his song, The Gunner’s Dream and its relevance in today’s world of war, inequality and greed. Roger Waters also talks about how to find hope amid all this gloom

Spain peace activists Peace activists protest docking of Saudi ship at Spain’s Sagunto port

Activists allege that the ship, Bahri Abha, is carrying weapons for use by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Since 2015, the ship has transported military equipment worth €143 million on eight voyages from the United States to Saudi Arabia