Al cancelar un concierto de Roger Waters, el Ayuntamiento de Frankfurt atenta contra los derechos humanos

La cancelación del concierto de Roger Waters es una amenaza a la libertad de expresión y artística destinada a silenciar las críticas legítimas al gobierno de Israel

Starmer bans Jeremy Corbyn from running as a Labour candidate

Celebrated leftist and supporter of Palestine has been barred from running for office under the Labour Party following years of antisemitism accusations

Protests in UK against Labour Party’s internal purge of the leftists 

The Labour party leadership has forbidden its members from associating with groups including Socialist Appeal, Resist, Labour Against the Witchhunt, Labour in Exile Network

Synagogue attack demonstration Synagogue attack, possibly another case of rising hate crimes in the US

Although the police is yet to ascertain motives for the attack, there are indications that it could be part of the increasing hate crimes against ethnic and racial minorities since Donald Trump’s entry in mainstream politics