Antony Blinken
Israel rejects Hamas’ ceasefire proposal, Netanyahu declares “no other solution” but war

Hamas had proposed a 135-day agreement which would have seen the release of all hostages in exchange for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners and “complete and sustainable calm.” The proposal was a response to the “Framework Agreement” mediated by Egypt, Qatar, and the US in Paris last week.

Israel launches airstrikes against Syria

Blinken has failed to achieve most of the stated goals of his repeated visits to the region since October 7 including getting commitment from Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel

Blinken’s window dressing tour of Arab capitals

Biden’s interest narrows down to prevent the war from spreading in the region lest direct American military intervention becomes necessary. The US rhetoric and diplomatic posturing largely aims at damage control in Washington’s relations with its erstwhile allies in the region.

Blinken visits West Asia for a fourth time since October 7 and refuses to support a ceasefire

Antony Blinken is using his trip to the region to issue fresh threats to resistance forces that stand with Palestinians, while failing to offer any hope for immediate peace.

Nordic countries surrender their historic neutrality and sign military deals with the United States

In less than a month, the US has signed three separate defense agreements with countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, to ramp up the militarization in the Nordic region

Israel resumes bombing Gaza after seven days of truce, kills over 100 Palestinians

After talks in Doha to extend the ceasefire did not lead to a conclusion, Israel resumed its attacks on Gaza on Friday, killing at least 21 people, including a journalist. The US expressed support to Israel’s decision

Arab-Iran amity is a geopolitical reality

President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Riyadh and the Iran-Saudi Arabia relationship is fast acquiring a qualitatively new level of solidarity in the context of the Palestine-Israel conflict

Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza has killed 10,000 people

Over 26,000 people have been injured and around 1.5 million displaced out of a total population of 2.3 million since Israel started its war on Gaza on October 7. Israeli forces have also killed over 150 people in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

Hezbollah takes to the high ground

Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah’s speech was keenly awaited in world capitals, principally for any clues on Hezbollah’s intentions going forward. But the master tactician instead focused on the big picture, for, as he put it, October 7 “heralds a changed landscape, necessitating a shared responsibility from all parties” 

Neocon regime change in Gaza will complicate ‘Two-State Solution’

The Biden administration’s doublespeak scatters the strategic ambiguity that shrouded its stance so far. What stands out is a bizarre neocon project to force regime change in Gaza through coercion and install a pliant regime, midway to the US’ own idea of a “two-state solution”

The US once again refuses to seek peace for Palestine

Both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin make it clear that the US is ready to escalate an already genocidal war

Indo-Pacific geopolitics The politics of hedging and post-hedging in the Indo-Pacific

ASEAN countries are choosing their own path, which is not to choose sides between the US and China. Simply put, the Southeast Asian states want a stable geopolitical environment to focus on their economic development and do not want to be forced to “take sides” in any hegemonic rivalry