apartheid Israel
Houthis capture vessel in Red Sea with links to Israel and call for immediate ceasefire

The Yemeni group stated that if Israel does not stop its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, the conflict could take on regional proportions

People across the globe disrupt “business as usual” for Palestine

International actions organized in solidarity with Palestine demanded an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and an end to all aid to Israel

Los sudafricanos aumentan la presión sobre el gobierno para que rompa sus lazos con el “apartheid israelí”

Mientras Sudáfrica demanda una investigación de la CPI sobre los crímenes de guerra israelíes, voces de todo el país exigen que se tomen medidas, incluida la ruptura de lazos con Israel.

“As long as Palestine is occupied, no country is free”

Across West Asia and North Africa, massive protests have been staged in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to protest the criminal Israeli attacks on Gaza

Evictions looming for Palestinians in Masafer Yatta following court order

Palestinian villagers face forced explusions and home demolitions as the Israeli military carries out the Abu Aram v. Minister of Defense court order