Arctic region
Ukraine joins NATO’s Arctic projects against Russia

Suffice to say, no matter Ukraine’s defeat in the proxy war with Russia, Zelensky’s use for the US’ geo-strategy remains. The US is increasingly eyeing the Arctic lately as the new theater to entrap Russia in a quagmire

Sergei Shoigu and Kim Jong-un Russia and China have a shared vision for North Korea

The visits of Sergey Shoigu and Li Hongzhong indicate that Russia and China are close to North Korea in response to the Biden Administration accelerating the deepening of a trilateral alliance between Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul

Sweden hustled into military pact with US

The US and NATO assumed that it would be easy to convince Turkey to let Sweden enter NATO. However, Erdoğan kept shifting the goal post and refined his conditions

IPCC report UN climate report warns of climate catastrophe, calls for immediate global action

The report predicts that even if we take radical measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions now, temperatures will continue to rise for at least the next 30 years before stabilizing