Artificial Intelligence
Access, equity and solidarity: the foundations of Cuba's health system Access, equity and solidarity: the foundations of Cuba’s health system

Ileana Morales from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health talks about the how the country is resisting the US blockade and the secret of the country’s renowned medical system

ChatGPT The chatbot that is dangerously good

ChatGPT has generated a great deal of excitement as well as fears of redundancy of certain professions. However, it is vital to look at who is funding and developing this technology, who it will benefit, and who will get left out

Plastic waste Enzyme engineered by AI devoured entire plastic tray within 48 hours: study

A recent research suggests an enzyme has been developed that can digest plastic at a faster pace. It was developed with the help of artificial intelligence tools

AI in gene expression Artificial Intelligence is being used to find disease-related genes

“We have for the first time used deep learning to find disease-related genes. This is a very powerful method in the analysis of huge amounts of biological information, or ‘big data’,” said Sanjiv Dwivedi, first author of the newly published research