Arundhati Roy
The life of a great marxist: Aijaz Ahmad (1941-2022)

Aijaz Ahmad (1941-2022) died at home on March 9, surrounded by his books and papers, and by the warmth of his children and his friends.

Shoddy implementation of lockdown is a crime against humanity: Arundhati Roy

Writer Arundhati Roy talks about what justice will look like in the post-COVID-19 world

Ola Bini Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy and others ask Swedish PM to step up support for Ola Bini

The letter by activists, intellectuals and software developers calls on the Swedish government to intercede on the behalf of Ola Bini to ensure the release of the privacy activist

“Assange’s arrest is an attack on free speech and dissent”

Journalists and intellectuals across the world have risen in support of Julian Assange, terming his arrest a strike at the very heart of journalism and part of a campaign to silence those who would raise their voices against power

Arundhati Roy Shahidul Alam Chobi Mela Dhaka police revokes invitation for Arundhati Roy’s event

On Tuesday, the Dhaka police denied permission to noted writer and activist Arundhati Roy’s event, hours before the program which was scheduled to be held in Dhaka.