Awami Workers Party
Baloch protesters set seven-day ultimatum for Pakistani government

Families of Balochi victims of enforced disappearances have been on a sit-in protest for the past nine days after a 1,600-km-long march

Climate march Karachi, Pakistan Karachi climate march 2021 demands end of forced displacement

Residents of Karachi’s working-class neighborhoods organized the People’s Climate March to protest against the eco-fascist policies of the government and the upper class which have led to the systematic eviction of the city’s marginalized communities

Protesters demand release of political activists in Gilgit-Baltistan 

Protesters said the demonstrations will continue until the authorities release all the political prisoners who are in jail after being charged under the anti-terrorism act for allegedly causing riots in August 2011

Hunza Long March In Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan residents march demanding amenities, greater say in governance

The Awami Workers Party organized the 90-km long march on April 2. Some of the key demands of the residents were proper electrification, compensation for land acquisition and the withdrawal of the colonial-era ‘numberdari’ tax system