Biased media on Palestine Western media continues to get it wrong when reporting on Israeli violence against Palestinians

The pro-Israel bias in the mainstream reporting on the Al-Aqsa mosque violence is viewed as an attempt by Western media outlets to justify Israel’s oppressive apartheid policies against Palestinians

BBC raid India Rights organizations raise deep concern over Indian tax authorities’ ‘survey’ operation on BBC

The ‘survey’ operation conducted by the Income Tax Department was condemned by opposition parties, rights bodies and journalists’ organizations. It comes barely a month after the BBC aired a controversial two-part documentary on the Gujarat riots of 2002

Ante la censura, los estudiantes indios organizan proyecciones del documental de la BBC sobre el primer ministro Modi

Un reciente documental de la BBC sobre el primer ministro indio Narendra Modi, censurado por el gobierno, está siendo proyectado por organizaciones de estudiantes en varias partes del país.

Rail workers Strike - UK Rail workers across the UK begin massive strike action protesting substandard pay offer 

The National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) has been at the forefront of the protests against the austerity-driven policies of the Tory government in the UK and the fight against the ongoing cost of living crisis

Investigation finds evidence of war crimes by UK special forces in Afghanistan

A years-long investigation by BBC Panorama has revealed evidence of the repeated killings of unarmed Afghan civilians and detainees by the UK’s elite Special Air Service, and the attempted cover-up.