Puma drops Israel

Puma’s decision comes at the height of a global movement for Palestine and a call to boycott companies that sponsor Israeli apartheid

Latin American Anthropology Association boycotts Israel Latin American Anthropologists’ Association expresses solidarity with Palestine

The XIV Mercosur Anthropology Conference’s resolution also stated that the BDS movement “constitutes an important step towards a public debate aimed at challenging hegemonic discourses worldwide in different areas of economic and social life”

Aguilera concert Israel Rights groups, activists urge singer Christina Aguilera to cancel concert in Israel 

Christina Aguilera’s concert is set to take place at Live Park in the city of Rishon LeZion which has been built upon several demolished Palestinian villages. Activists have urged her not to cross the international picket line

AAA boycott of Israel American Anthropological Association votes to boycott Israeli institutions, BDS hails decision

Besides the AAA, several other US academic institutions have in the recent past passed similar resolutions to boycott Israel. These include the American Studies Association, Association for Asian American Studies, and the Middle East Studies Association

BDS leads widespread calls for South African football club Orlando Pirates to boycott match with Israeli team 

Despite increasing pressure and appeals from all quarters, the Orlando Pirates have justified the decision to participate in the match citing rules of the world’s football governing body FIFA

Palestinian children killed “How many more will Israel kill with impunity?”

The Palestinian Authority, the BDS movement, and activists around the world condemned the exclusion of Israel from the UN Secretary General’s annual “list of shame.” The list includes parties and states who recruit and use children, kill and maim them, commit sexual violence against them, or attack schools and hospitals  

Pro-Israel bill UK UK groups urge government to drop anti-boycott bill aimed at shielding Israel

The Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill, if adopted, will bar institutions from making purchase and investment decisions that are “influenced by political or moral disapproval of foreign state conduct.” Activists say this bill targets the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

BDS against Israeli company G4S Private security firm G4S to divest from Israel after years-long campaign by BDS activists

The divestment comes after more than a decade-long campaign by the BDS against the company which resulted in several high-profile investors selling their stakes

“Israel is built on the ruins of hundreds of Palestinian villages”

The International People’s Assembly (IPA) organized an online event to mark 75 years of the Nakba and the Palestinians’ continued resistance against the Zionist colonial apartheid occupation of Israel 

Belgian city of Liege boycotts Israel Belgium city of Liege becomes latest European city to sever ties with Israel 

The resolution in the Liege city council, introduced by the left-wing Workers’ Party, calls for the suspension of ties with Israel until its apartheid regime puts an “end to the system of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people and fully respects the obligations imposed by international law and various United Nations resolutions”

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau cuts ties with Israel Barcelona city decides to cut all official ties with Israel over its systemic violations of Palestinian rights

Barcelona becomes the first city administration in the world to suspend relations with Israel since the BDS movement was started. It has also announced the suspension of the twinning agreement with the Tel Aviv city council

No tech for apartheid A movement to expose role of big tech companies in promoting Israeli occupation and apartheid

Hundreds of tech employees have been protesting against Google and Amazon signing a deal with the Israeli government to develop artificial intelligence tools under the so-called Nimbus project which will be used to trace and control Palestinian movements