Why has China decided to relax COVID restrictions?

CGTN reporter Li Jingjing talks about why this decision has come now, why the Chinese government enforced such strict curbs for so long, and what can be expected now that the COVID policy is changing.

Protests take place in China against COVID-19 policies

The protests started on Friday in the north western city of Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang province, and in the following days spread to bigger cities including Beijing and Shanghai

The US military is hell-bent on trying to overpower China

Vijay Prashad writes about how the United States has unilaterally increased its military buildup around China and has ramped up threatening rhetoric

How China learned about SARS-CoV-2 in the weeks before the global pandemic

In the early weeks when the virus emerged in Wuhan, the Chinese government neither suppressed evidence nor did their warning systems fail.

Anti-Beijing protesters turn violent on Handover Day

Protesters broke into the Legislative Council and raised the flag of colonized Hong Kong, as the city was in the middle of celebrating the independence day commemoration