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El Banco Mundial y el Banco de los BRICS tienen nuevos dirigentes y perspectivas diferentes

Los historiales y las prioridades de los nuevos responsables del Banco Mundial y del Nuevo Banco de Desarrollo -Ajay Banga y Dilma Rousseff- representan dos perspectivas diferentes a la hora de abordar los problemas del mundo

The World Bank and the BRICS Bank have new leaders and different outlooks

The records and priorities of the new heads of the World Bank and the New Development Bank – Ajay Banga and Dilma Rousseff – represent two different perspectives on addressing the world’s problems

Lula da Silva begins third term as Brazil’s president

Immediately after taking power, Brazilian President Lula da Silva announced a series of measures focusing on tackling poverty and reversing the anti-people policies of Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil elections Brazil prepares for a fierce second round presidential election

Following the first round of the presidential election, the campaigns, especially that of right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro, have focused on personal attacks and allegations

Activists slam state “necropolitics” as Ecuador prison riot kills 68 and other stories

Today we look at the wave of prison massacres in Ecuador, a report on the cover-up of a major 2019 U.S. airstrike on Syria, and more