Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
There can be no holidays during a genocide, health activists warn

Health activists continue to rally in solidarity with health workers in Palestine, who are being killed, targeted, and threatened by Israeli Occupying Forces

Contradictions deepen in Israel as genocidal war on Gaza enters third month

The settler-colonial state’s apartheid and occupation will not end unless international sanctions hurt its economy, argues anti-apartheid activist Ofer Neiman

Puma drops Israel

Puma’s decision comes at the height of a global movement for Palestine and a call to boycott companies that sponsor Israeli apartheid

Al cancelar un concierto de Roger Waters, el Ayuntamiento de Frankfurt atenta contra los derechos humanos

La cancelación del concierto de Roger Waters es una amenaza a la libertad de expresión y artística destinada a silenciar las críticas legítimas al gobierno de Israel

Frankfurt City Council undermines human rights by canceling a concert by Roger Waters

The cancellation of Roger Waters’s concert is a threat to free speech and artistic freedom designed to silence legitimate criticism of Israel’s government

Who benefits from I2U2?

The meeting of the leaders of the US, Israel, India and the UAE – what has been called the West Asian Quad – primarily serves to benefit Israel’s agenda in the region