Jorge Arreaza: On July 28, the Venezuelan people will choose between being patria or a colony

Three months ahead of Venezuela’s presidential election, the former minister and executive secretary of ALBA – TCP talks about the political and social transformations in Venezuela and the danger of the advance of the US-backed opposition.

Vijay Prashad on hyper-imperialism

Vijay Prashad’s speech on hyper-imperialism given in Caracas, Venezuela at the World Gathering for An Alternative Social Agenda

A Bolivarian specter haunts the Monroe Doctrine

On the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, activists and intellectuals gathered in Caracas to “build an alternative to this imperialist mandate”

Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela meet at the border, sign new trade agreement

The new trade agreement further strengthens the bilateral trade between the two neighboring countries

Colombia-Venezuela flights resume Colombia and Venezuela resume flights after over two years of suspension

The reactivation of flights between the two countries marks an important step in the resumption of relations and will have immediate impacts on the citizens of both countries

Colombia’s incoming foreign minister visits Venezuela to plan resumption of relations

The ministers signed an agreement that foresees the appointment of ambassadors in Caracas and Bogotá after Petro’s inauguration

Venezuela dialogue offers way out of crisis

The dialogue between the Venezuelan government and opposition forces could bring an end to the campaign of sanctions imposed against the democratically-elected government of Nicolás Maduro

International Peoples’ Assembly gives clarion call for solidarity with Venezuela

The assembly released a final statement reaffirming their solidarity with Venezuela and denouncing the imperialist attacks on its sovereignty and right to self-determination