Chicago becomes largest city in US to demand a ceasefire in Gaza

Local city governments are joining the movement to ramp up pressure against Biden, who continues to support Israeli genocide

Chicago’s migrant communities forced to rely on mutual aid for healthcare

Health care provision for migrants in Chicago remains reliant on mutual aid and volunteer initiatives as winter approaches. Over 21,000 migrants, primarily from Latin America, have come to Chicago since August 2022

Migrant health in Chicago suffers due to lack of planning and support

As migrants continue to arrive in Chicago, the city struggles to provide adequate shelter and health care for the new arrivals

Across US, protestors demand justice for police shooting victim Adam Toledo

Protests have broken out in Chicago and other cities and towns across the country, which have been met with violent police repression.

Protests in Chicago after released footage shows police shooting an unarmed child

The body cam and CCTV footage of the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo shows that the officer responsible for the killing shot him while he was unarmed and seemingly set to surrender

What May Day means to the working class?

International Workers’ Day honors the struggles and sacrifices of the generations of workers whose actions made the world better.