Child labor
Myanmar conflict children Children face the brunt of conflict in Myanmar

According to a report by UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, Tom Andrews, in June 2022, children have especially suffered due to the fighting between the military and the anti-coup resistance.

Child literacy program Brazil Brazilian President Lula launches new children’s literacy program

The central objective of the program is to ensure that 100% of Brazilian children receive primary education at least until the second grade

Afghanistan child labor One in five children is engaged in child labor in Afghanistan

Around 90% of Afghans lack enough food to eat, forcing many impoverished families to send their children to work. Many children are also forced to work due to unsafe migration, family separation, detentions, and injuries from unexploded ordinances

Estados Unidos tiene una crisis de trabajo infantil. Los legisladores la quieren empeorar.

El estado de Iowa acaba de aprobar uno de los proyectos de ley a favor del trabajo infantil más extremos de los últimos tiempos, que deja a los empresarios libres de responsabilidad si un niño trabajador muere cumpliendo sus labores

The US has a child labor crisis. Lawmakers are trying to make it worse.

Iowa just passed one of the most extreme pro-child labor bills in recent times, leaving employers off the hook if a child worker dies on the job

Child labor is alive and well in the United States

A Hyundai subsidiary used up to fifty underage migrant workers at an auto plant known for hazardous conditions, according to former and current employees