Popular Health Mobile Clinic brings health to communities in Zambia

Prompted by the experience of a recent cholera outbreak, the Socialist Party of Zambia launched a mobile clinic in the effort of making health care more accessible to everyone

One year of war in Sudan accompanied by dengue concerns

Public health concerns in war-torn Sudan continue to escalate with the destruction of health infrastructure, widespread displacement and hunger haunting the population

Cholera still poses risks in Zambia despite decrease in cases

A deadly cholera outbreak in Zambia continues to endanger lives despite a reduction in confirmed cases. The government and public health authorities need to carry out more public health education programs and improve living conditions that have facilitated the outbreak in the first place

Concerns grow over global cholera trends

The number of cholera cases worldwide continues to grow, with countries in eastern and southern Africa being the most heavily affected. Experts call for improving access to hygiene and clean water and are concerned about the shortage of vaccines

Deadly diseases stalk millions in war-torn Sudan

Rawia Kamal, a health activist displaced after the paramilitary attacked her home, recounts the travails of being in war-torn Sudan with looming threat of diseases

Brazilian government must develop ‘new cooperation’ with Haiti

Camille Chalmers highlighted the negative legacy of MINUSTAH for the country

World Water Day: What’s behind the rise in cholera cases?

The global incidence of cholera has been very low since the 1990s, barring a few countries in Africa and Asia. But since 2021, 23 countries have reported cholera outbreaks, and in 2023, that number has risen to 29. What has led to this rise?

Pakistan floods safe drinking water Over 10 million in Pakistan lack access to safe drinking water

Six months after catastrophic floods devastated one-third of Pakistan, a large number of people have no alternative but to use and drink potentially disease-ridden water. Tens of thousands of impoverished, hungry children are fighting a losing battle against acute malnutrition and water-borne diseases, says UNICEF

Cholera outbreak Malawi “No cool helicopters” to save those at risk of cholera

An ongoing pandemic of cholera puts at risk the lives of thousands of people around the world, as shown by a growing number of outbreaks in different regions. In order to address it, there is a need for a strong health system response, adequate supply of cholera kits, vaccines, and improved surveillance, apart from access to safe water and sanitation

Death toll from earthquake may touch 100,000

Dr. Vedat Bulut of Turkish Medical Association talks about how the situation in Turkey worsened because of lack of preparedness from the government’s end.