Climate change
G20’s New Delhi Declaration is a successful balancing act

The declaration omitted the use of the word aggression in the context of the Ukraine war, which had been a major point of contention. It recognized that the G20 is not the platform to resolve geopolitical and security issues while acknowledging their impact on the global economy

G20 summit India 18th G20 summit set to begin in New Delhi as faultlines among members widen

The West’s disregard of concerns from the Global South on reforms of international financial institutions and climate change, as well as attempts to use the forum for geopolitical gains, has made consensus elusive 

Heatwaves impact on women Heat waves pose disproportionate threat to female workforce, claims study

The report titled “The Scorching Divide” suggests that women from marginalized and poor backgrounds will be the worst affected by intensifying heat waves

Tunisia bakery union protest Tunisian authorities arrest bakers’ union chief as bread crisis continues

The arrest comes in the aftermath of the government revoking flour subsidy to 1,500 bakeries amid a severe bread shortage in the country, leading to protests and suspension of production

Gustavo Petro’s first year: Social and environmental justice and regional integration

Petro’s inaugural year was characterized by guaranteeing free higher education, agrarian reform, reopening of relations with Venezuela, and an attempt to reform health care, labor regulations, and pensions

Assembly of the Peoples of the Earth for the Amazon: movements launch collective letter with demands for heads of state

The document calls for concrete actions for the recovery of the Amazon biome and land titling for Indigenous and quilombola communities

Climate change Iraq Climate breakdown threatens food security and health in Iraq

Iraq faces a food security and health crisis as extreme heatwaves hit West Asia, revealing the profound impact of climate change

27-07 Greek fires Deadly fires a new normal in the Greek calendar

The latest round of wildfires has exposed the Greek government’s lack of preparedness in dealing with disasters. Extreme climate events have been occurring frequently in many parts of Europe due to climate change

Algeria wildfires Unprecedented wildfires across Algeria kill at least 34, thousands displaced 

The UN environment panel has warned that the Mediterranean region is warming faster than the global average and will witness more heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, and other climate-related catastrophes in the coming days

The eco collapse we were warned about has begun

2023 has already seen a number of climatic anomalies that set new historical records in the tragic progression of climate change at the global level. These have led to droughts, fires, and water scarcity

For US workers, capitalism brings the heat

As record-breaking temperatures sweep the nation due to climate change, workers are forced to make the country run in the heat

Uruguay drought Uruguayan environmentalists blame agribusiness and government for current water crisis

Environmentalists have argued that the water crisis facing the Montevideo metropolitan area is not only a consequence of the drought caused by climate change, but also of the excessive use of water by agro-industrial activities