Climate change
A people’s analysis of a world on fire

As popular movements across the world have been warning, we are undergoing a crisis of the capitalist system globally.

Daily Round-up | Palestinian teenager among six killed this week by Israel & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at continuing Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, the links between hunger and climate change, a nationwide strike in Uruguay, and the arrest of military officials in the Ayotzinapa case in Mexico

As Greenland ice sheets melt at unprecedented rates, scientists urge civil disobedience

Greenland’s ice sheet is witnessing extensive melting, a phenomenon which does not usually take place in the month of September

South Asia’s floods show clear and present danger of climate change

D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum talks about the recent floods in various countries in south Asia and the reasons for these disasters. He also talks about how these incidents are connected to climate change

Pakistan floods What explains the disastrous floods in Pakistan this year?

A convergence of factors such as extreme heat waves, melting glaciers, and heavy monsoon rainfall explains the scale of floods in the country. All these factors are connected to climate change

Australian wildfires Australian wildfires raised global heat and broadened ozone hole, says study

The study published in Scientific Reports on August 25 says that the plumes of smoke from the Australian wildfires in 2019-2020 led to a 3 degrees Celsius temperature rise over Australia, along with a global rise of 0.7 degrees Celsius

Pakistan is under water

Pakistan is reeling under the impact of catastrophic flooding which has been attributed to climate change and poor planning by successive governments. We bring you an explainer on the situation and an analysis by Taimur Rahman of the Mazdoor Kisan Party

Dangerous heat waves to be more frequent and more sustained in the coming future

Dangerous heat waves are likely to hit much of the world more frequently – three times more often than today in some regions. Tropical regions, including India, may face extreme heat conditions almost daily by the end of this century.

Pakistan floods Millions affected, over 1,000 killed in Pakistan floods

Around 33 million people are severely affected in the worst flooding Pakistan has experienced in a decade, with over 1000 people dead and massive damage caused to infrastructure and livestock

Swiss glaciers Volume of Swiss glaciers declined by half in less than a century

In a new study, the researchers compared data from 1931 and the 2000s, and concluded that the glacial volume has shrunk by half during 1931-2016

Mammal extinction in Australia Australia lost more mammals than any other continent in last two centuries: report

A report found that since 2016, over 200 animal and plant species have been threatened, including the koala and the gang-gang cockatoo. The largest increase in the threatened list is of invertebrates and frogs

Daily Round-up | Colombia-Venezuela on track to resume bilateral ties & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at the strengthening of ties between Colombia and Venezuela, the UK declaring a drought, and Jair Bolsonaro’s vice-presidential candidate