Climate change
The number of forcibly displaced people reaches a record 120 million

New and existing conflicts and wars remain the largest contributor in forcing people to leave their homes followed by climate catastrophes such as prolonged droughts and frequent floods

Deadly heat wave across Indian subcontinent kills dozens, hundreds hospitalized

Climate change is blamed for the sustained rise in the average temperature, making day to day life difficult and causing sudden changes in the weather patterns

Heavy rains in southern Brazil are likely to make food prices soar

The state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s largest rice producer, is severely devastated by recent floods

Millions face hunger and loss of livelihood amid severe drought in Southern Africa

Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi have already proclaimed a state of national disaster as a severe drought has damaged swathes of crop area. Millions across the region are facing severe hunger and livelihood losses, with smallholder farmers striving to cope with the climate crisis and colonial monoculture patterns of farming

Farmers’ protests challenging EU policies spread to Eastern Europe

Farmers across Europe are in deep distress over the rising cost of production inflicted by high energy prices and cost of fertilizers, along with low prices for their produce facilitated by the EU

Greek farmers continue their protest

A week-long protest, including rallies and blockades in major motorways across Greece, forced the New Democracy (ND) government to call the farmers for negotiations on Tuesday

Will COP28’s legacy be loophole-ridden promises and lack of concrete funding?

D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum explains the main takeaways from the COP28 summit that recently concluded in Dubai. He analyzes the details of the declaration’s commitment to transition away from fossil fuels and talks about the follow-up to the Global Stocktake

Climate breakdown to bring new challenges to health in the UK

The global rise of temperatures is set to change the health landscape in the UK, with the appearance of new and infectious diseases, growing risk of antimicrobial resistance

Over 1,500 farmers gather in Njombe, Tanzania for MVIWATA annual meeting

The movement which is also commemorating its 30th anniversary fights for the dignity and unity of the peasantry in Tanzania in the face of neoliberalism

World Mountain Day: Impossible to restore ecosystems with current development models

Awareness needs to be built that copy-paste models of plains cannot be adopted in the mountains, while colonial utilitarian models need to be dumped

What is stake at COP28?

D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum talks about the issues at stake at the ongoing COP 28 summit. He addresses key issues around climate change such as the Global Stocktake, the Loss and Damage Fund, and adaptation and mitigation

In COP28 speech, Colombian President Gustavo Petro calls for a free Palestine

The Colombian head of state has been consistently speaking out in support of Palestine amid Israel’s genocidal attacks. At the COP 28 summit, he pointed out that the devastation wreaked on Gaza was a harbinger of what might happen to those fleeing from climate catastrophes