Cold War
Oppenheimer military industrial complex La paradoja de Oppenheimer: el poder de la ciencia y la debilidad de los científicos

La bomba lanzada sobre Hiroshima en 1945 anunció la era atómica e inauguró el complejo militar-industrial que se apoderó de Estados Unidos.

Oppenheimer military industrial complex Oppenheimer paradox: power of science, weakness of scientists

The bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 heralded the atomic age and ushered in the military-industrial complex that took over the United States

UNSG agenda for peace UN proposes elimination of all nuclear weapons as first step under new agenda for peace

Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions across the globe need a better, reformed, and updated UN system which reflects the growing multipolarity and is more representative, unbiased, and effective

At Vilnius summit, NATO reiterates it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian

At the Vilnius summit, NATO assured more arms to Ukraine to fight Russians instead of Zelensky’s much-desired accession to the war alliance

WHO 75_warm 75 años después de su fundación, la OMS lucha por su soberanía

El Día Mundial de la Salud de este año marcó el 75 aniversario de la OMS. Pero a medida que se acerca su asamblea anual en Ginebra, este organismo de la ONU sigue luchando por conseguir los recursos adecuados para funcionar con independencia del sector privado y de las presiones de los países de renta alta

Finland joins NATO Finland becomes 31st NATO member, Russia warns of escalation 

Despite Russia raising its national security concerns, the Cold War-era, US-led military alliance has consistently expanded around its borders since 1990

Xiomara Castro ditches Cold War legacy, Honduras to establish relations with China

Honduras was one of the 13 remaining nations that recognized the Republic of China in Taiwan. The switch marks further reinforcement of the One-China consensus

Russia-Ukraine war Biden’s existential angst in Ukraine

It is becoming increasingly clear that the US is fighting in Ukraine to preserve its global hegemony

U.S. appeal to extradite Julian Assange upheld by UK High Court and other stories

Today we look at the UK High Court ruling allowing Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nicaragua, and more

Mapping Faultlines: The dilemmas of Non-Alignment

Newsclick’s Editor-in-Chief Prabir Purkayastha talks about the history and legacy of the Non-Aligned movement which marks 60 years

Activists denounce AUKUS alliance as a possible new Cold War and other stories

Today we look at the military pact between Australia, the US, and the UK; sanctions imposed against Guinea’s military junta; and more

AUKUS Activists, anti-war groups slam trilateral security alliance AUKUS as anti-China move and a return to Cold War

China too slammed the move calling it an “extremely irresponsible” act which may lead to an arms race. It also said that the move reflects “Cold war mentality and ideological biases”