Constituent Assembly in Peru
Peru announces definitive withdrawal of ambassador from Colombia

The decision came days after Colombian President Gustavo Petro lamented former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s absence at the Ibero-American Summit

Peruvians demand justice following death of protester who was shot with 36 lead pellets by police

According to Peru’s Ombudsman’s Office, with the death of 22-year-old Rosalino Florez Valverde, the death toll from state repression of anti-government and anti-congress protests rose to 67

Peru’s judiciary extends preventive detention of Pedro Castillo by 36 months

Supporters of the ousted president argue that the Peruvian judiciary is unfairly targeting Castillo while those responsible for killings of civilian protesters walk free

Peru protests Juliaca massacre Protests and strikes continue in Peru against Dina Boluarte

Social organizations and trade unions have pointed out that Boluarte’s meetings with political leaders and the Congress’ decision to postpone the approval of early elections ratify their intention to remain in power until 2026

Peruvian police repress protests, leave over 20 injured in Juliaca

Tens of thousands of Peruvians continue to hit the streets, demanding radical political changes despite heavy repression as pro-democracy protests complete two months

Peru protests Peruvian Congress strikes down proposals for 2023 elections, protests continue

Following the votes in Congress, the government of Dina Boluarte presented a bill to hold general elections in October 2023, a central demand of protesters

Mass mobilizations continue in Peru against Dina Boluarte

According to the National Human Rights Coordinator of Peru (CNDDHH), in the past 50 days of social protests, 56 people, including seven minors, were killed and 912 people were injured

Peruvian diaspora condemns violence of defacto government

Braving the rain, a group of Peruvians rallied outside the UN to demand an end to the violent repression of the government of Dina Boluarte

Violent police repression kills another protester in Peru, death toll rises to 54

Despite massive protests demanding her resignation, President Boluarte has refused to resign, while criminalizing social struggle and blaming protesters for inciting violence

Tens of thousands on the streets of Peru in national strike

The pro-democracy protests have received the support of several celebrities, universities and progressive political parties

Persecuted Peruvian activist speaks on the ongoing struggle against the coup government

Rocío Leandro Melgar, president of the Front in Defense of the People of Ayacucho was arrested in Huamanga, Peru.

Peruvian movements organize caravan to Lima to intensify protests

Indigenous and peasant leaders have called for a ‘March from the Four Corners’ to Lima to intensify ongoing protests against the coup and the de facto government of Dina Boluarte