Coronavirus Aid
Dispatches from India: Episode 4: Doctors struggle for equipment

In this episode, we take a look at the situation with regard to Personal Projection Equipment for health care workers, and attempts by the right wing to polarize the spread of the disease.

For India’s migrant workers, the flight from COVID-19 leads to starvation

The three week lockdown imposed by the Narendra Modi government has left these workers stranded in cities without jobs and on the verge of starvation

We must make sure hunger does not emerge as a bigger killer

We talk to Vijoo Krishnan on the issues being faced by Indian farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps the government needs to take.

US relief package is a giveaway to big business

Chris Caruso, education director The People’s Forum in New York, talks about the skewed priorities of the ruling class in the US as shown by the provisions of the financial package passed in the Senate

US COVID deal US Senate finally agrees on relief package worth USD 2.2 trillion to fight COVID-19

The USD 2.2 trillion plan once passed by both houses of the Congress will be the largest rescue plan in US history. It includes urgently required measures such as direct transfers to citizens and the infusion of funds into healthcare and insurance