Coup in Peru
Peruvian diaspora condemns violence of defacto government

Braving the rain, a group of Peruvians rallied outside the UN to demand an end to the violent repression of the government of Dina Boluarte

Violent police repression kills another protester in Peru, death toll rises to 54

Despite massive protests demanding her resignation, President Boluarte has refused to resign, while criminalizing social struggle and blaming protesters for inciting violence

Tens of thousands on the streets of Peru in national strike

The pro-democracy protests have received the support of several celebrities, universities and progressive political parties

Daily Round-Up | Protests continue in Peru and other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the ongoing protests in Peru, the Oxfam report on inequality, the continuing Israeli atrocities in Palestine, and protests in Tunisia

Daily Round-up | 17 anti-coup protesters killed in Peru & other stories

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Peruvians demand a new, participatory political system

Peoples Dispatch reports from the ground in Peru where massive mobilizations are continuing in support of the ousted president Pedro Castillo.

“We are here to support our President”: Peruvians resist the coup

Hundreds of Peruvians have come to the capital Lima to protest the coup against Pedro Castillo and to demand fundamental changes in the political system

Estados Unidos y su rol en el golpe de Estado en Perú

La medida de Pedro Castillo de disolver el Congreso ante una tercera moción de destitución parece ser el resultado de una campaña de presión con apoyo de EE.UU.