Coup in Peru
Peru protests against Boluarte Thousands of Peruvians partake in ‘Third Takeover of Lima’, revive struggle against Boluarte regime

The new round of protests are expected to continue till July 28, the Peruvian Independence Day

Peru protests Dina Boluarte Peruvians to hit the streets for ‘Third Takeover of Lima’

Thousands are expected to arrive to Peru’s capital city Lima to participate in a fresh round of protests to call for the resignation of Dina Boluarte who took office after the coup against Pedro Castillo

Mexico refuses to hand over trade bloc presidency to Peru’s de facto president

President AMLO reiterated that Mexico does not consider Dina Boluarte to be the legal president of Peru since the coup against Pedro Castillo

IACHR slams Peru’s de facto government for human rights violations against protesters

The IACHR said that the state’s response to demonstrators was characterized by the “disproportionate, indiscriminate and lethal use of force,” and could be classified as “extrajudicial executions” and “massacres”

Amid mounting political crisis, Peru’s de facto president swears in four new ministers

Indigenous and social organizations, as well as trade unions, have decided to intensify protests against the government of de facto president Dina Boluarte. They are demanding her resignation, the release of her predecessor Pedro Castillo, the dissolution of Congress, and fresh elections

Enver León: “La mayoría de los peruanos quieren un cambio de Constitución”

A tres meses del golpe de estado contra Pedro Castillo el pueblo peruano sigue movilizado en las calles.

Enver León: “The majority of Peruvians want a change in the Constitution”

The Peruvian people have remained in the streets three months since Pedro Castillo was overthrown in a coup d’état

UN Report: 700,000 Afghans have lost jobs since Taliban takeover

In today’s episode of the Daily Roundup we take a look at the massive strike action by public sector workers in the UK, the Philippines allowing the US to set up more bases, Israel conducting air strikes on Gaza, and updates on the ongoing protests in Peru.

Daily Round-up Mass anti-government protests in Morocco & other stories

In today’s episodewe look at Moroccans protesting against high costs of living, UN security council denounces Israeli settlements in Palestine, Peru anti-government demonstrations continue and UK ambulance workers and doctors’ strike.

Peruvian diaspora condemns violence of defacto government

Braving the rain, a group of Peruvians rallied outside the UN to demand an end to the violent repression of the government of Dina Boluarte

Violent police repression kills another protester in Peru, death toll rises to 54

Despite massive protests demanding her resignation, President Boluarte has refused to resign, while criminalizing social struggle and blaming protesters for inciting violence

Tens of thousands on the streets of Peru in national strike

The pro-democracy protests have received the support of several celebrities, universities and progressive political parties