Cultural workers
Artists across the globe stand in solidarity with Palestinian resistance

Over 100 artists sign on to a letter condemning Israel and “to stand in solidarity with those resisting occupation and fighting for their right to self-determination”

Writers Guild strike US Hollywood writers secure tentative deal after 146 days of strike

The bargaining team of the Writers’ Guild of America have announced an in-principle agreement on all major issues raised by the striking writers. The strike is set to continue until after the final draft of the tentative agreement is authorized for a ratification vote

Hollywood workers are fighting to save creativity in entertainment

Top studios are determined to wait out the strike by starving out entertainment workers, while workers fight to be stewards of their own creative process

Hollywood actors are on the cusp of a strike

With less than 12 hours left before their contract expires, SAG-AFTRA workers appear poised to strike unless an agreement is reached before the end of the day

Over 11,000 TV and film writers on strike in the US

Worker compensation has not kept up with the streaming industry’s profits. Writers say big studios need to stop “pleading poverty”

Artists Protest- Belgium (1) Succumbing to artists’ protest, Belgium suspends restrictions on cultural activity

The artist community and workers in the cultural sector have claimed that the Belgian government’s COVID-19 regulations targeting the cultural sector were not advised by experts