developing countries
Debt crisis Debt is grinding down developing countries but there is no plan for relief

Two reports which came out last week point out that a large number of developing countries are spending more on repayment of debt than on the development of social sectors such as health and education 

COP27 In West Asia, impact of climate change is already evident

West Asia is among the regions worst affected by climate change. According to studies conducted by the World Bank, water scarcity alone is estimated to cause the countries in the region a GDP loss of 6% by 2050

Peoples’ BRICS Seminar seeks unity of the people amid global crisis

Representatives from trade unions, political parties, social movements, and universities of the BRICS countries gathered in Brasilia for the Peoples’ BRICS Summit

India’s RCEP Dilemma: Is There a Way Out?

India’s difficulty in acceding to the mega regional free trade agreement, RCEP, currently being negotiated among 16 Asia-Pacific nations, is reflective of a deep malaise in not just its trade policy but also domestic economy.