Environmental damage
Panamanian unions lead renewed protests against copper mining concessions

Protests have spread across Panama in rejection of copper mining concessions granted to Canadian company, First Quantum Minerals

EACOP project Uganda “The law is protecting Total”

Activists across Africa continue to mobilize against the expansion of extractive activities by energy giants Shell and Total in the region. Uganda has recently witnessed a series of student-led protests which have brought global attention to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project

Microplastics in Antarctica Microplastics found in Antarctic snow for the first time

The researchers say finding microplastics in fresh Antarctic snow highlights the extent of plastic pollution into the remotest regions of the world

#ToHellWithShell: Indigenous peoples in South Africa resist oil and gas exploration

Indigenous coastal communities and environmental organizations in South Africa argue that Shell did not consult affected communities, and did not obtain environmental authorization