European Left
Right-wing in European Parliament torpedoes resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The preconditions for a permanent ceasefire set by the right-wing bloc caved to Israel’s excuses for continuing onslaught against Gaza

Anti-fascist Protest - Hungary Anti-fascists protest annual neo-Nazi gathering in Budapest 

Progressives slammed the Hungarian government as well as the police authorities, accusing them of covertly supporting neo-Nazi events that glorify Nazi war criminals and their collaborators

Anti-LGBT law-Hungary Progressive groups slam Hungary’s latest homophobic law

Under the guise of fighting pedophilia, the right-wing government in Hungary has passed a law in the Hungarian parliament which prohibits dissemination of materials talking about LGBT orientations to minors

Environment Day-Europe On World Environment Day, European Left calls for a Green New Deal

Progressive sections across Europe organized various online and offline events to mark this year’s World Environment Day under the theme of ‘restoring ecosystems’

Dutch Socialists Bill Dutch Socialists bring initiative to prevent hiring of external consultants by government 

Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak put forth an initiative to stop the rising unnecessary expenditure on external hirings in government offices in the Netherlands. The party also joined a petition by the European left to ensure free availability of a future COVID-19 vaccine 

Helsinki Pride 2019 Week-long Finnish pride celebration culminates in massive parade

The pride parade in Helsinki on Saturday was attended by Finnish prime minister Antti Rinne and the first female Finnish bishop, Irja Askola