European Union (EU)
France all dressed up and nowhere to go

France is entrapped in the predicament of countries that get sandwiched between great powers. It is condemned to diplomacy that is constantly in a state of suspended animation interspersed with sudden bouts of activity

Progressives in Europe call for ceasefire in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine crossed two years, progressives are calling for a ceasefire and for negotiations to end the conflict

More than 29,000 Palestinians killed in 136 days of Israel’s war on Gaza

The number of injured increased to more than 69,000 as Israeli air raids and ground assaults continue across the Gaza Strip

Greek farmers continue their protest

A week-long protest, including rallies and blockades in major motorways across Greece, forced the New Democracy (ND) government to call the farmers for negotiations on Tuesday

Thousands forced to flee in DRC’s North Kivu province as M23 attacks intensify

Attacks by the Rwanda-backed M23 has led to another wave of mass displacement in the province of North Kivu. The rebel group has tried to make advances towards the provincial capital of Goma, attacking the town of Sake which lies just 25 kilometers away.

PTB demands respect for farmers across Europe: “They must be able to live from their work”

In light of the massive farmers protests in countries across Europe, the Workers’ Party of Belgium writes about the root causes behind the farmers’ grievances

French farmers step up their siege of Paris, protesting low income and high costs

Farmers’ unions have called for a protest at the EU summit in Brussels on February 1, denouncing free trade agreements and the EU-instigated policies hampering their domestic markets

Greek students protest government bid to welcome private universities

The Kyriakos Mitsotakis government is trying to push a controversial bill to open private universities in the country by circumventing a constitutional ban

Bassam Al-Salhi of the Palestinian People’s Party says war on Gaza has revealed fascist nature of Israel and the West

Despite the brutal atrocities committed by Israel in the last two months of its war on Gaza, Western countries, especially the United States, have remained firm in their support

The people reclaim the Dublin streets rampaged by right-wing mobs

Following the outbreak of violent riots perpetuated by far-right groups, Irish working class groups marched in solidarity with those affected by the xenophobic violence

Raquel Varela on Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and the struggle for rights today

Raquel Varela speaks to Peoples Dispatch about Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and its legacy in the country’s politics today

Massive mobilizations continue across Europe in solidarity with Palestine

Large sections of people across Europe including progressive, working-class, and anti-imperialist groups continue to mobilize in solidarity with Palestine