Farmers protests
How a communist peasant leader defeated a BJP incumbent in North India

Amra Ram is one of the eight left leaders elected from different parts of the country to represent working class in the Indian parliament’s lower chamber, Lok Sabha, usually dominated by the country’s rich

Pakistani farmers launch a nationwide movement demanding fair prices for wheat

Pakistan’s new government has decided to drastically reduce the procurement of wheat this year amidst record production, creating fear among farmers of massive losses and distress to the rural population

PTB demands respect for farmers across Europe: “They must be able to live from their work”

In light of the massive farmers protests in countries across Europe, the Workers’ Party of Belgium writes about the root causes behind the farmers’ grievances

La asfixia de la democracia en la India

Los ataques contra el medio de comunicación progresista indio NewsClick coincidieron con la suspensión de 141 miembros de la oposición del parlamento indio, lo que constituye un grave ataque a la democracia india.

Indian government derecognizes leading postal unions over aid to farmers’ struggle, purchase of books

The All India Postal Employees Union and the National Federation of Postal Employees were reportedly derecognized based on complaints by a postal union with ties to the RSS, the parent organization of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party

Ravi river dev project Pakistan Farmers in Punjab province of Pakistan protest forced acquisition of land

Farmers claim that the forcible acquisition of their farmlands for the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project (RRUDP) is illegal and in violation of the order passed by the Supreme Court in January this year

After year long struggle and historic victory, Indian farmers head home

These protest sites had become a home for these farmers. Now, they are returning home joyous, yet vowing to continue the fight and keep their union strong

Indian farmers victory march Indian farmers celebrate victory march back home as their historic struggle ends after a year

On December 11, tens of thousands of farmers in India participated in a final ‘Victory March’ from the borders of national capital Delhi where they had been camping in protest for over a year