Guillermo Lasso
US troops will return to Ecuador, decades after removal by Correa

Daniel Noboa is carrying to term plans to bring US troops back to Ecuador over a month after he declared an internal armed conflict against drug trafficking groups

Capitalism and drug trafficking in Ecuador. Why the war on the poor will never solve the problem

Ecuadorian researchers Andrés Tapia Arias and Andrés Madrid Tamayo address some of the root causes to the wave of drug trafficking-related violence and why the government’s response is still missing the mark

Ecuador in crisis: five points to understand a country broken by neoliberalism

Some clues to unravel how in a few years Ecuador went from being a peaceful country to becoming a territory governed by organized crime.

Ecuador elects new right-wing president linked to big banana business

In the second round of the anticipated elections in Ecuador, Daniel Noboa defeated progressive candidate Luisa González

Luisa González Ecuador Ecuador’s leftist presidential candidate Luisa González denounces attempt on her life, files complaint

González is the winner of the first round of presidential elections in Ecuador. She said that with the complaint, she not only intends to safeguard her life and shed light on the plan aimed at physically eliminating her, but also draw attention to the impunity in the country

Progressive Luisa González and millionaire Daniel Noboa head to run off elections in Ecuador

González of the left-wing Citizens Revolution Movement won the first round with 33.31% of the votes, while Noboa of the right-wing National Democratic Action Alliance secured 23.66% of the votes

The escalation of violence in Ecuador shines a light on country’s broader crisis

The early elections in the Andean country are taking place in a context of increased violence against political candidates and in society generally

“For the Lasso government, the economic interests of private mining companies are above the decisions of the Constitutional Court”

Ecuadorian Lawyer Patricia Carrión spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the suspension of a controversial mining decree that activists allege promoted the interests of mining companies

Security and economy are the key issues in Ecuador’s early general elections

All seven presidential candidates advocated strengthening of the security in the country and promised improvements as they stood next to fellow hopeful Fernando Villavicencio’s empty podium, who was assassinated last week

Director of Ecuador’s penitentiary system resigns amid increasing prison crisis

The resignation of Guillermo Rodríguez from the SNAI comes a week after the last prison massacre, which claimed the lives of 31 inmates in the Litoral Penitentiary in Guayaquil city

Crisis in Ecuador following spurt of violence and rumors of a government deal with gangs

The announcement of a peace agreement among criminal gangs came days after a prison riot at the Litoral Penitentiary in Guayaquil claimed the lives of 31 inmates, and the murder of the mayor of the city of Manta, which forced the Lasso government to declare two states of emergency in two days

What is at stake in the early general elections in Ecuador?

Ahead of the early general elections in Ecuador, Professor Pablo Meriguet spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the reality on the ground and the significance of the upcoming electoral process for the country