Gustavo Petro
5th People’s Health Assembly calls for the transformation of health systems

Activists at the 5th People’s Health Assembly called for the transformation of health systems, and to build strategies and unite struggles against privatization and corporate capture

Argentine diplomats expelled from Colombia following explosive comments by Milei

In an interview with CNN, the Argentine president called Petro a “terrorist assassin”, Mexican President López Obrador “ignorant”, and declared that Israel was not committing “any excesses” in Gaza

The world stands with Lula and Palestine

The Brazilian President was recently banned from Israel after standing unequivocally with Palestine and against Israeli-perpetrated genocide

Petro condemns “institutional rupture” and attacks on Colombian democracy by the right-wing

The delay in the election of the Attorney General at the center of the ongoing tensions with the right, was highlighted by the United Nations Human Rights office and IACHR

ELN Commander Pablo Beltrán discusses the road to peace in Colombia

The guerrilla commander spoke about how paramilitarism and US imperialism serve as major obstacles to true peace in Colombia

Colombian government and ELN agree to extend bilateral ceasefire

The sixth cycle of talks was held in Havana, Cuba and further advanced the commitment of the two parts towards lasting peace

Lula, Petro, and Arab League declare support to South Africa’s case against Israel

Colombia and Brazil join a growing list of countries that has expressed support for South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide

“Food sovereignty guarantees a future”: International conference of La Via Campesina begins in Colombia

More than 180 movements from across the world are taking part in the conference which has emphasized the situations in Colombia and Palestine

The global peasant movement in Bogotá proclaims: “We defend life, that of peasants and the entire planet”

The 8th Conference of La Via Campesina is being held in Bogotá amid a scenario of multiple global crises. The organization is also celebrating 30 years of work

In COP28 speech, Colombian President Gustavo Petro calls for a free Palestine

The Colombian head of state has been consistently speaking out in support of Palestine amid Israel’s genocidal attacks. At the COP 28 summit, he pointed out that the devastation wreaked on Gaza was a harbinger of what might happen to those fleeing from climate catastrophes

Colombia Indigenous protest against violence Colombian Indigenous and social organizations march against violence in Bogotá

The protesters also expressed support for the various social reforms presented by the Gustavo Petro government in the Congress that seek to transform the social reality of Colombia

Colombia EMC ceasefire Colombian government and FARC dissident group announce bilateral ceasefire

The Gustavo Petro government and the Estado Mayor Central, a dissident group of the demobilized FARC-EP guerrilla group, have reached an agreement for a 10-month bilateral ceasefire