Gustavo Petro
Colombians march for dignity against state violence

A series of assassinations of social leaders shook Colombia last weekend. In less than 24 hours, 4 Indigenous, peasant and social leaders were killed.

Indignation in Colombia amid spree of assassinations and the rape of an Indigenous girl by soldiers

The wave of assassinations and acts of sexual violence carried out by security forces and paramilitary groups against Colombian civilians in the past week has shaken the country

“We globalize freedom”: Guilherme Boulos and Gustavo Petro honored

Guilherme Boulos, the national coordinator of MTST and Gustavo Petro, head of Colombia Humana, received the title of honorary professor from the University of Lanús, Buenos Aires

“There is a sector of the Colombian oligarchy that benefits from the war”

Social organizations are preparing for a major mobilization for life and for peace on August 7 when Ivan Duque will be sworn in as president

Colombian elections offer a choice between status quo and the possibility of a humane society

Right-wing candidate Iván Duque represents a continuation of Alvaro Uribe’s legacy while Gustavo Petro is fighting on a platform to transform the country

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