Health workers shortage
Europe struggles with health workers shortage but fails to address demands for decent salaries

Worries surrounding the health workforce shortage in Europe continues to grow, yet plans largely fail to include pay rises for workers in the sector

Nurses in Morocco call for recognition and respect

Nurses and medical technicians in Morocco are escalating industrial action, demanding adequate hazard pay, improvements to working conditions, and professional recognition

Public healthcare becomes key rallying point in Italy

More and more people in Italy mobilize to protect the public health system against privatization and budget cuts promoted by far-right Giorgia Meloni’s government

Unions demand urgent action on health workers shortage and quality of care

Global trade union organization Public Services International concluded a survey which suggests most health workers are contemplating leaving their profession as global health workforce crisis intensifies

Health workers in Sweden demand workforce policies that do not rely on international recruitment

Nina Bergman from the Swedish Association of Health Professionals talks about the working conditions of health workers in Sweden and the trade union’s support for the struggles for workers’ rights in the Global South

Germany Kerala nurses German health workforce strategy depends on nursing drain from India

Germany’s bid to address its nursing shortage through international recruitment spans Latin America, eastern Europe, and Asia. India, especially the State of Kerala, finds itself among the top cadre providers

Commodification of health Europe Health activists announce European campaign against effects of commodification of health

A coalition of trade unions, health activists, and organizations launched an all-European campaign against the commercialization of health. The campaign will include decentralized discussions and actions across various EU countries and will culminate in a major protest in the week leading up to World Health Day

Foreign recruitment of nurses Germany, Brazil Will Germany’s bid to address shortage of nurses put more pressure on Brazil’s health system?

As Germany seeks to recruit overseas nurses to bridge its healthcare staff deficit, questions are arising about the strategy’s impact on the health systems of source countries

UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances

Rishi Sunak’s government has announced a ‘historic’ plan to build health workforce over the next 15 years, but health workers’ organizations say it fails to address the grievances that have been raised by health workers

Greek government forced to rescind controversial circular on doctors’ duty

Intended to manage the shortage of doctors in public healthcare facilities in the country, the circular required available doctors to treat patients irrespective of their specialization, which doctors’ unions assert will put patients’ lives at risk and could also put doctors in trouble

EU health workers East Europe WHO Europe’s health workforce guidance doesn’t protect East European health systems

A recent health workforce declaration by WHO’s European region misses on the opportunity to protect East European health systems from health workers’ brain drain

Nigeria health workers emigration Health worker shortage in Global South cannot be resolved by tepid mechanisms and bans

Nigeria’s House of Representatives is considering a bill which would block young physicians from emigrating right after university. The proposal points to the widespread problem of mass emigration of health workers from the Global South