Infant formula
Brazil to support stricter global regulation of infant formula marketing

Despite strong national policies supporting breastfeeding, Brazil faces challenges from infant formula producers seeking to dominate the field of child nutrition. One forthcoming step is to support a WHO resolution for regulating digital marketing

Baby formula prices and production practices impact availability

Persistent issues in baby formula production and pricing continue to impact families. As prices rise, carers are struggling to feed infants in many parts of the Global North

Child health UK Child nutrition in shambles: how the cost of living crisis is hurting child health in the UK

A new series of reports show the devastating effects the cost of living crisis is having on child nutrition in Britain

Ultra-processed food UK Ultra-processed food dominates child nutrition in the UK 

A recent report reveals that the majority of children in the UK have adopted dietary patterns influenced by marketing strategies employed by major corporations. These children heavily rely on consuming ultra-processed food