Israel tells 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate in under 24 hours or face consequences

Large scale demonstrations were held across the world in support of Palestinian people despite the restrictions imposed by some countries

Palestinian resistance continues operation amid indiscriminate airstrikes by Israel in Gaza

Israel’s brutal response to the operation by Palestinian resistance groups has been harshly criticized by human rights organizations and activists

Yemen responds to US troops in West Asia Houthis express concern about US troops surge in West Asia

The US has supported the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in the war in Yemen by providing armament and technical support. It has also helped in implementing the Saudi sea blockade by seizing some Yemen-bound ships

US troop deployment in Persian Gulf As thousands of US soldiers are deployed in West Asia, Iran urges respect

In a provocative move, the US announced deployment of 3,000 additional troops in West Asia on Monday, claiming alleged Iranian threat to ships in the region 

Iran proposes naval alliance in West Asia Iran proposes joint naval force in Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia and other countries

While the details are not clear and no confirmation has been made by the other countries, the alliance is expected to be an alternative to the existing US-led naval force in the region with strong backing from China

Peace in Yemen one step closer after historic prisoner exchange

Close to 900 prisoners have been exchanged between the two warring sides as part of the deal that comes in the wake of peace and reconciliation talks going on between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia—the primary supporter of the Yemeni government

Israeli airstrikes in Syria Fourth Israeli airstrike inside Syria in less than a week kills two civilians

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has recently stated that the repeated Israeli airstrikes inside its territory were coordinated with extremist forces in the country that are fighting the government 

UNHRC Res against sanctions UN Human Rights Council condemns impact of unilateral sanctions

The resolution presented by Azerbaijan on behalf of Non-Aligned countries noted the impact of sanctions on key rights related to life, health, and freedom from hunger. It was predictably rejected by the US and its allies

ICJ ruling on US freezing Iranian assets ICJ rules US freezing of some Iranian assets as illegal, orders compensation 

US courts had frozen billions of dollars of assets belonging to Iranian companies and its Central bank after having accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism 

Israel attack in Aleppo airport Israel bombs Syria yet again, injuring two soldiers

This is the second such strike on Syria in the past week. Israeli airstrikes on the Aleppo airport in recent weeks have caused delays in relief delivery to earthquake-affected regions in Syria

Saudi join SCO Saudi Arabia joins Shanghai Cooperation Organization 

Saudi Arabia’s decision to join SCO, a strategic initiative led by China and Russia, is being viewed as another instance of its gradual shift towards the East. The Gulf country is also attempting to join BRICS Plus

War in Yemen Yemenis mark eight years of disastrous war amid some hopes of peace

The recent China-brokered rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran may have a significant effect on the ongoing peace efforts between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia