Isaac Herzog
ICJ upholds South Africa’s case against Israel, orders measures to prevent genocide in Gaza

While the Court did not grant South Africa’s request for an immediate suspension of Israel’s military operations, it has ordered Israel take “all measures” to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, including by its military

Bahrain-Israel security deal Bahrain becomes second Arab country to sign military pact with Israel 

Going against their long-term commitment to the Palestinian cause formalized through the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, Bahrain and the UAE signed normalization deals with Israel in 2020. Morocco also signed a similar deal

Israeli president visits Hebron Occupation forces attack protesters opposing Israeli president’s visit to Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron 

President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the mosque is being viewed as part of the growing Israeli attempts to Judaize the Palestinian territories by building illegal settlements and changing the nature of religious and historical sites located there