Islamic State in Khorasan Province
Daily Round Up | Chile’s Congress moves to relaunch new constituent process, and more

In this episode, we take a look at stories of the resumption of the process to draft a new constitution in Peru, a suicide bombing in Kabul, and the men’s hockey world cup in India

US to close Red Hill facility that poisoned Hawaii’s water supply and other stories

Today we look at a missile attack by Israeli on Syria, the Pentagon’s decision to shut down the Red Hill tank farm in Hawai’i, and more

Two months after Taliban’s takeover, Afghanistan teeters on the brink

Growing threats of violence, concerns about the future of women, price rise and lack of a concrete economic recovery plan haunt the people of Afghanistan two months after the Taliban’s takeover

Afghanistan tackles the Islamic State

All signs point to the fact that unlike the 90s, the Taliban is not inclined to officially permit extremist groups to operate in Afghanistan. The possibility of close economic ties with Iran and China is one reason for this development