Israeli attacks on Gaza
At ICJ hearing, Global South countries call for end to occupation of Palestine; US and allies back Israel

The ICJ is conducting hearings before giving an opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The US and its allies have asked the court to not demand an end to the occupation

Iran dismisses IAEA claims of increased rate of uranium enrichment, calls it routine activity

Iran has claimed that the US is trying to rake up the issue of Iranian nuclear program now to divert attention from its support to Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Internationally beloved academic, poet, and activist Dr. Refaat Alareer killed by Israel

The professor at University of Gaza and co-founder of “We are Not Numbers” refused to evacuate northern Gaza as demanded by Israelis and continued to report about the Palestinian resilience during the war

Israel asesina a periodistas en Gaza

Como parte de su ataque genocida contra Gaza, Israel está asesinando a trabajadores de los medios de comunicación a un ritmo sin precedentes, aparentemente para impedir que el mundo vea las atrocidades incalificables que lleva a cabo.

Neocon regime change in Gaza will complicate ‘Two-State Solution’

The Biden administration’s doublespeak scatters the strategic ambiguity that shrouded its stance so far. What stands out is a bizarre neocon project to force regime change in Gaza through coercion and install a pliant regime, midway to the US’ own idea of a “two-state solution”

Palestinian child killed Two-year-old Palestinian child shot by Israeli soldiers succumbs to injuries, thousand attend funeral 

Israeli soldiers shot at the car in Mohammad Tamimi and his family were traveling in the village of Nabil Saleh, north of Ramallah. Israeli forces and settlers have killed 160 Palestinians this year, including 28 children

Israeli attacks in Gaza Israeli military targets Gaza farmlands with artillery, tank fire

The Israeli attacks ended up wounding three Palestinian farmers. The Israeli military claimed that it was targeting Hamas military positions, although most of its fire ended up targeting farmers and agricultural lands

Israel attacks Gaza again, South African Dairy farmers on strike and other stories

Today we look at renewed attacks by Israel on Gaza, the ongoing strike by workers at the Clover company in South Africa, and more