Juan Grabois
Juan Grabois: “There is a crisis in Peronism”

Following the primary elections Argentina, former candidate Juan Grabois says that the ultra-right is rising in working class sectors

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei receives largest vote share in Argentina’s primaries

Milei’s performance came as a surprise to many who had underestimated the chances of the candidate who proposes the dollarization of Argentina

Argentina heads for presidential primaries in the wake of tragedies

Days ahead of the presidential primaries, Argentina was shaken by the murders of 11-year-old Morena Domínguez during a robbery and photojournalist Facundo Morales by the Buenos Aires police

Argentine journalist Raúl Noro, husband of Indigenous activist Milagro Sala, dies at 80

Noro had been in a delicate state of health for the past few months. In June, he suffered a serious breakdown, when the Jujuy police violently raided his and Sala’s home

Can a movement leader solve Argentina’s problems?

Social leader Juan Grabois is contesting the candidacy for the center-left Union for the Homeland coalition in the upcoming primaries in Argentina

Argentina elections Who are the candidates in Argentina’s primary elections?

On August 13, Argentines will select the candidates who will stand in the October presidential elections

Peronist primaries: Massa’s challenge and candidate Grabois’ goal

An objective of Sergio Massa’s campaign is to appear as “Kirchnerist” as possible in order to attract Kirchner’s supporters. Will Grabois’s nomination weaken or help him?

“It’s time for Our America”: ALBA Movements Assembly concludes in Argentina

The III Continental Assembly of ALBA Movements held in Argentina from April 27-30 concluded with a panel highlighting proposals and initiatives of people’s movements to transform the world.

American Express goes on a buying spree in Argentina’s Congress

A representative from the American Chamber of Commerce visited the Argentine Congress to encourage lawmakers to vote against an ecological packaging law proposed by movements

Juan Grabois, member of International Solidarity Mission to Colombia, deported on arrival

The social leader is part of the International Mission of Solidarity and Human Rights Observation to Colombia.

Argentine court rules to evict agroecological Artigas Project

Dolores Etchevehere who resisted the eviction was detained while her brothers took possession of the property which movements along with Dolores had sought to convert into an agroecological productive farm

Argentine social movements propose San Martín Plan to overcome extreme poverty post-COVID-19

Social leader Juan Grabois, in an interview with community media, detailed aspects of the plan which envisions the generation of 4 million jobs The plan envisions the creation of a fund which will set up 4,000 productive units