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Boluarte isolates herself even further and declares López Obrador persona non grata

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Peruvian Congress declared Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador persona non grata

Norita Cortiñas: “If we don’t pay the foreign debt there would be no more poor people”

Norita Cortiñas was in La Plata during a presentation of books that reflect the struggle of different human rights defenders. In an afternoon full of recognition, emotion, memories and laughter, Norita spoke about her life and her battles.

Mapping the police: citizen control of the security forces in Buenos Aires

A new interactive platform allows residents of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to track the record of police constabularies and officers so that if they are implicated in a case of police violence or a shooting, that information is easily accessible.

Juan Grabois, member of International Solidarity Mission to Colombia, deported on arrival

The social leader is part of the International Mission of Solidarity and Human Rights Observation to Colombia.

Nora Cortiñas: The mother of all struggles

On the anniversary of the coup d’état which installed the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina, ARG Medios spoke to Nora Cortiñas about waging resistance in the midst of brutal repression