Jujuy protests Persecution of protesters intensifies in Argentina’s Jujuy: Police raid homes, break into university, and arrest protesters

The police raids of activists’ homes, the university, and arrests have been condemned by human rights organizations across Argentina who have raised concerns about respect for human rights in the Jujuy province

House raid Milagro Sala Police in Jujuy raid home of Indigenous activist Milagro Sala amid mass protests

The search warrant was issued as part of an investigation into alleged public disturbances in recent days during the protests rejecting the reforms to the provincial Constitution. The reforms promoted by conservative Governor Gerardo Morales have been widely rejected in the province

Struggle for dignity and rights in Jujuy continues

The protests in the province intensified after a new constitution was passed in the provincial legislature which Indigenous and social movements allege undermines people’s rights

Jujuy rises up against repression and regressive reforms

The province led by conservative Governor Gerardo Morales has been rocked by mass protests against the reform of the constitution which undermines Indigenous rights and the right to protest

Milagro Sala Argentina Argentine organizations demand presidential pardon for Indigenous activist Milagro Sala

Indigenous and social activist Milagro Sala has been imprisoned since January 2016 over charges that human rights and social activists allege are politically motivated