Karim Khan
South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor reveals threats to family in wake of ICJ case against Israel

Pandor has reported receiving threats against her and her children and has alleged involvement of Israeli intelligence

Mexico and Chile call on International Criminal Court to investigate crimes in Gaza

Mexico and Chile have joined South Africa, Bolivia, Djibouti, Bangladesh, and the Comoros in calling on the ICC to investigate Israel for its crimes in Gaza, including war crimes and genocide.

Letter by academics across the globe raises concerns over the ICC’s inaction on Gaza

In a open letter addressed to State Parties, law professors from different parts of the world raise objections on lack of transparency, discrimination, and selective decisions on the situation of Palestine

ICC’s chief prosecutor proposes to exclude US troops from ambit of Afghan war crimes probe

The decision by ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan to exclude US forces from the investigation has invited widespread criticism, with some calling it an attempt at selective justice