Kashmir lockdown
Dispatches from India: Two years since abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir

In this episode, we take a look at the situation in Jammu & Kashmir two years after constitutional changes that took away the State’s autonomy and bifurcated it, the state of pellet gun victims, the impact of the Pegasus revelations, and the plight of the power loom workers in Tamil Nadu

India’s Independence Day 2020 – distressed people, indifferent rulers

Never before has India been so besieged by crises – the pandemic, devastated economy, an eroded constitutional system. But the resistance is swelling up

What has changed since Kashmir’s special status was revoked?

The last one year has been described by the people of Kashmir as one of utter distress and helplessness.

In Kashmir, oppression is embedded in everyday life

In addition to lockdown measures, the harsh political and social restrictions imposed by the Indian government have made life extremely difficult for the people of Kashmir.

Dispatches from India: Episode 5: Unemployment soars

In India, migrant workers have been struggling to get home even as farmers try to overcome challenges during harvest. Meanwhile, unemployment rates continue to soar.

Dispatches from India Ep 3: Lockdown: Migrant workers’ struggle to survive #COVID19 Dispatches from India Ep 3: Lockdown: Migrant workers’ struggle to survive

We also take a look at the issues faced by disabled people during the lockdown and how journalists are facing the ‘double lockdown’ in Kashmir.

Kashmir: Coping with a double lockdown sans internet

Over 7 months after the State of Jammu and Kashmir lost its special status and a harsh lockdown was imposed, the people face a double blow due to the novel coronavirus. Poor internet speeds make the matter worse