Kiril Petkov
5-04 Bulgaria Elections Another fragmented election verdict in Bulgaria may worsen political crisis

For the fifth time since 2021, no single party or alliance has secured a simple majority in the Bulgarian parliament.

30-03 Political Crisis - Bulgaria Bulgaria heads to the polls, again.

Ahead of the fifth elections in the last two years, young Bulgarian activist Gabriel Valkov highlights the major factors responsible for the political crisis facing the country

Bulgarian Elections Conservatives led by Boyko Borisov take lead in Bulgarian elections

Political instability with back-to-back snap polls and the ongoing cost of living crisis have led to resentment towards mainstream political parties, evident in the low voter turnout of just 39.40%

Bid to ‘normalize’ relations with Bulgaria sparks protest in North Macedonia

Lured by the prospective EU membership, the North Macedonian government continues to negotiate unpopular agreements with neighboring countries

Political crisis - Bulgaria Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov resigns after losing no-confidence motion

The Petkov-led coalition government was formed last year after two inconclusive snap elections following the ouster of Boyko Borisov’s conservative regime