Lai Ching-te’s victory in Taiwanese presidential election tempered by parliamentary loss

In a divided mandate, Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party won the presidency in the island territory with less than half the votes while his party lost its parliamentary majority

The elections in Taiwan are consequential for regional peace

A vice-president with a diminished popularity and a divided opposition are set to battle it out in an election that has the potential to affect peace and stability in East Asia

China’s Olympic battle for legitimacy: the prehistory of the 2022 Beijing Games

Only through the lens of history can we understand why China fought so hard for a place in the Olympics on its own terms: to heal the scars of both exploitative Western colonialism and civil war.

70 years of the Chinese revolution

On the 70th anniversary of the Chinese revolution of 1949, Peoples Dispatch takes a look at the history of the revolution and how it transformed China from a feudal country to a global power with a socialist characteristics.

Poll results in Taiwan a setback to anti-Beijing policies of govt.

The victory of the Kuomintang in the local body polls is believed to be due to its ability to channel popular anger against president Tsai Ing-Wen’s hardline policies against China, which have led to an economic slowdown