labor organizing
UAW is on the cutting edge of unionizing the US South

After winning a historic union drive in Tennessee, the United Auto Workers have their sights set on conquering the anti-labor machine in the South

Everywhere he goes, Biden is haunted by the martyrs of Gaza

The Palestine solidarity movement in the United States is determined not to let the president have a moment of peace

75,000 US health workers strike for fair pay and benefits

75,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers walked off the job Wednesday to fight short staffing

Biggest health worker strike in US history to begin tomorrow

75,000 healthcare workers across nonprofit Kaiser Permanente facilities will walk off the job tomorrow in an ongoing fight for safer staffing levels

“The workers are the liberators,” declares UAW President, sending 7,000 more out on strike

United Auto Workers are expanding their strike to put additional pressure on General Motors and Ford, playing the three largest automakers against each other

US autoworkers go on strike, call on all workers to “stand up!”

The United Auto Workers employ a fresh strategy of the “stand up strike,” strategically shutting down select plants to keep the Big Three automakers guessing

Dilemmas of Humanity conference in the US outlines principle task: organize a working class movement to defeat the empire

Socialists, organizers, and working class leaders in the United States describe the challenges the movement faces, and what is to be done to overcome them

Hollywood workers are fighting to save creativity in entertainment

Top studios are determined to wait out the strike by starving out entertainment workers, while workers fight to be stewards of their own creative process

UAW workers strike vote The United Auto Workers are redefining what is possible for US labor

With radical demands such as a 32-hour workweek, the UAW contract campaign is bringing “class warfare” back to labor negotiations. Workers are set to vote this week on authorizing a potential strike

Los Angeles bosses feel the pressure with four unions on strike

Four simultaneous strikes strikes hit the city of Los Angeles yesterday when city workers walked off the job

The largest industrial union in the US enters auto industry negotiations with a pledge to take on CEOs

Union contracts for 144,000 auto workers expire in September, after which they could potentially strike for gains rolled back during deindustrialization

Bill protecting workers against union-busting advances in US Congress

The legislation, celebrated by labor leaders, organizers, and workers, would protect the right to organize a union. Practices such as captive audience meetings that are meant to dissuade workers from forming unions will be banned under this proposed law