Palestinians oppose Israeli flag march Palestinians oppose provocative Israeli ‘flag march’

The march is held annually by illegal Israel settlers and other right-wing and ultra-nationalist Israelis to mark ‘Jerusalem day’, on which the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem started in 1967 following Israel’s victory over neighboring Arab states in the six-day war

Damascus gate, Al-Aqsa After week-long protests, Israel removes barriers at Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem

The Damascus Gate has been a popular gathering point for Palestinians during Ramadan. Thousands have been protesting the restrictions, facing violence and marches by ultra-right-wing groups who are often supported by the occupation forces

Israeli attacks on Palestinians Israeli settlers and security forces attack Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinians coming out of the Al-Aqsa mosque after special Ramadan prayers in the evening were attacked by hundreds of settlers. When they tried to resist, they were repressed by Israeli forces