Libya war
We must speak up before the propagandists get their war with China

Where are the voices that speak up against fascism, war, and propaganda, asks renowned journalist John Pilger as he surveys the past decade of dirty tricks perpetrated by the United States and its allies

The French are going, but the war in the Sahel continues

Understand the historical roots of the ongoing war in the Sahel and what lies ahead with the departure of French troops

Daily Round-up | Hundreds of thousands protest pension reforms in France & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of another massive protest in France against pension reforms, illegal miners fleeing Indigenous lands in Brazil, the UN seeking to revive peace talks in Libya, and the Republicans moving against student debt waiver in the US

Libya talks Latest UN-led talks over Libyan elections fail

Differences over the draft constitution and the electoral law have raised fresh fears of resumption of fighting between the different factions in Libya. The country has faced a decade-long war following the NATO-led invasion in 2011