M23 rebels
Thousands forced to flee in DRC’s North Kivu province as M23 attacks intensify

Attacks by the Rwanda-backed M23 has led to another wave of mass displacement in the province of North Kivu. The rebel group has tried to make advances towards the provincial capital of Goma, attacking the town of Sake which lies just 25 kilometers away.

As the DRC holds another election, the fight of the Congolese people is still for liberation

44 million people were eligible to cast their votes in the presidential and parliamentary elections in the DRC on December 20. The vote has been held amid an intensification of violence in the mineral-rich eastern provinces, leaving millions displaced.

For peace in the Congo, US and UK must hold their allies accountable

Kambale Musavuli talks about the rising anger against the presence of foreign forces in the Congo and how for a sustainable political solution, the US and the UK must hold their allies Rwanda and Uganda to account

Demands for justice grow after 56 people killed in protest against foreign forces in the DRC

Congolese forces killed 56 people in the city of Goma during a protest against the presence of UN and EAC armed forces in the region. The eastern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri have been under a state of siege amid a resurgence of attacks by the Rwanda-backed M23

Congo health workers Violence against health workers in the DRC continues

The escalating armed conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is exacerbating the humanitarian and health situation in the region

Daily Round-up | Court orders compensation for Afghans killed in Dutch airstrike & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of a verdict by a Dutch court on a military operation in Afghanistan, the announcement of a ceasefire in the DRC, continued right-wing violence in Bolivia, and more atrocities by Israeli occupation forces in Palestine

The waters are running red in Africa’s Great Lakes region – a war is raging we can’t ignore any longer

Resources like cobalt, copper, lithium, and the trees of the rainforest continue to be exploited by the rest of the world despite the carnage that has afflicted Africa’s Great Lakes for the past 30 years